Day 4 of the CrossFit Games 2017

The final day of competition started out well. I was calm, cool and quiet – just the way I like it. Leading up to the Final Couplet, I knew the leaderboard was super close. Mere points separated first through sixth place. I was in second place by two points and knew that I had to give the Final Couplet my all. I had had a good night of rest and was ready to go. I am always thankful when I make it to the CrossFit Games uninjured and feeling good. By now getting to the expo center was familiar, and […]

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Day 3 of the CrossFit Games 2017

As I sit here writing this journal entry two weeks after day three of the CrossFit Games, I think back to the morning of that day. We had to be there at 8:00 AM. The first event for the day, the Double Under Snatch, started at 9:45 AM. I knew that this workout was in everyone's wheelhouse, so speed and perfection would be required. We were able to warm up a bit before the event began. After watching the other divisions compete I realized I had to learn right now how to transfer the 35-pound dumbbell from one hand to […]

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Day 2 of the CrossFit Games 2017

August 4, 2017 Despite my 18 th place finish in the first event, I was hopeful that day two was my day to move up the leaderboard. Thankfully my coach Mitch had prepared me for the reality that I might be digging myself out of a hole after the first day of competition. Being in 18th was the lowest I had ever been in my past three years of the CrossFit Games competitions. It was a sleepless night the night before as I lay awake thinking about cleans, jerks, toe to bars, chest to bars and the first obstacle on […]

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Day 1 of the 2017 CrossFit Games

The day before the CrossFit Games 2017, my coach sent me this text “For those about to rock…. Victory hides in the darkness… Best wishes to you guys!” I was unaware at the time how true those words would ring, but I am so thankful that my coach and gym warriors prepared me to go deep into the darkness and hang out for a bit during the months of two and three-a-days. After an 18th place finish in the run, swim, run event I had quite a ways to go and had to endure time in the pain cave in […]

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How A 52-Year-Old Went From Not Being Able To Do A Push-Up To Winning The CrossFit Games

Shellie Edington CrossFit Games Master

It all began on a hot August day in 2010. Shellie Edington, then 46, was attempting to peel her sweaty, sticky body off of a black exercise mat that was curling up at the corners­ and causing other gym goers to trip over the edges. “I’m going to die here,” she thought, as she struggled to push off the ground. The former competitive gymnast, who once trained with Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton, could no longer do a single push-up. An extremely humbled Edington looked around the abandoned warehouse. It was a bare-boned CrossFit gym, the newly opened Fit […]

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Year of The Warrior: The changing world of fitness

I was recently interviewed by Columbus Monthly for an article featuring other local athletes. Shellie Edington, CrossFit champion Age: 52 Favorite outdoor training spot The obstacle course and running paths at Scioto Audubon Metro Park, which is adjacent to Fit Club Advice for CrossFit newcomers Give it a try and don’t be afraid. If you’re scared, go anyway. Don’t be intimidated by the CrossFit athletes you see on TV-those are the best in their sport in the prime of their athletic prowess. “Remember CrossFit is just exercise,” she says. “It’s heavily modifiable and scalable. You can do it-anyone can do […]

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Developing a Strong False Grip

The false grip is awkward and painful, but don’t be scared! With a few simple steps, you can drastically limit abrasions. You should always use whatever you need to, to get the work in. Personally, I don’t like grips for the rings, and you really shouldn’t need grips when just doing hanging drills. Instead, I prefer the Crossfit gloves for when I require hand protection on ring work, and that may work for you too, but experiment to see. The following steps will help you develop a strong false grip: Warm Up and Tape Up It is so important to […]

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Preparing for the Crossfit Masters Qualifier 2015

SMILE & BREATHE After surviving the emotional and physical aspects of the 2015 Crossfit Open I felt relief mixed with the sure knowledge that it is time to get to work!  The Open tends to up end even the best programming schedules as movements/lifts/loads come in second to having a healthy, recovered master athlete. PREP My Master Qualifier prep was waylaid by a nasty upper respiratory bug that hit me upon completion on my 15.5 redo. Thankful the Open is past I am anxious to move forward in my training. I have found that when your body wants to rest […]

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