Diet and nutrition ideas and discoveries for the CrossFit athlete and average person aspiring to maximize their health potential.

My Diet

The most frequent question I get asked is: what do you eat? To say my diet has been a long journey is an understatement. That said keep in mind we are all different and what works for me may not work for you. My dietary journey began when I got involved with CrossFit in 2010 at age 46. I was at a weight that I wasn’t comfortable with. I wasn’t concerned about how I looked; it was more about how I felt. I was tired, my joints hurt and I thought I was done ever being really active. I also […]

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Balancing Act: Fitness, Work and Family

As parents, and especially as moms balancing family and work is often exhausting, then add in fitness and it feels like the scale will just tip right over and dump everything off. Luckily for me, the balancing act is slightly easier when you’re an athlete in your 50’s. I’m no longer in the weeds of child rearing, my girls are young adults, and for me carving out time for fitness comes easier in this stage of life. My biggest obstacle is balancing work and fitness, but fitness is a hedge against injury, illness and disease, so even if I weren’t

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Preparing for the Crossfit Masters Qualifier 2015

SMILE & BREATHE After surviving the emotional and physical aspects of the 2015 Crossfit Open I felt relief mixed with the sure knowledge that it is time to get to work!  The Open tends to up end even the best programming schedules as movements/lifts/loads come in second to having a healthy, recovered master athlete. PREP My Master Qualifier prep was waylaid by a nasty upper respiratory bug that hit me upon completion on my 15.5 redo. Thankful the Open is past I am anxious to move forward in my training. I have found that when your body wants to rest […]

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