August 20, 2017

Day 2 of the CrossFit Games 2017

August 4, 2017

Despite my 18 th place finish in the first event, I was hopeful that day two was my day to move up the leaderboard. Thankfully my coach Mitch had prepared me for the reality that I might be digging myself out of a hole after the first day of competition. Being in 18th was the lowest I had ever been in my past three years of the CrossFit Games competitions. It was a sleepless night the night before as I lay awake thinking about cleans, jerks, toe to bars, chest to bars and the first obstacle on the Sprint O Course. Regardless today was move up day! Trouble sleeping is not uncommon for me when I compete, so I felt ready even on a poor night of sleep. The second event went as follows:

Event 2
Bar Fight
12 clean and jerks at 105 pounds
2 rounds off
15 toes to bar
12 chest to bar
12 clean and jerks

I went hard on this workout and ended up 3rd. Finally a top finish! Feeling better and encouraged, I felt even better when I saw that I had moved up a bit on the leaderboard from 18th to 10th place. Next up was the third event. It consisted of this:

Event 3
Sprint O Course: the fastest time to get through eight obstacles won the event.

You can watch the event here starting at the 50:50 mark


If we wanted to practice the Sprint O Course we had to be at check in at 8:30 AM on the first day of competition and were given four minutes to practice. This 8:30 AM time slot was very early since we didn’t have our main event until 4:00 PM, but I wanted to be fully prepared, so off I went.

As a gymnast obstacle courses have always been fun and challenging, plus we are fortunate enough to have an obstacle course in the park where Fit Club is. I had had multiple opportunities to practice and I discovered that many of the obstacles were very similar to what I had been practicing except for the first one. This obstacle, in particular, required the athlete to walk up a round beam that was inclined about four feet high from the ground. From there we had to jump to a rope, swing out and land on a lower rounded beam. Sounds easy enough, but it was harder than it seemed. During practice, I hit it one out of three attempts.

Despite being a physical competition, the CrossFit Games takes a lot of mental grit as well. In this instance, I knew what I had to do and I told myself to trust my instincts. I decided that on an obstacle like this there was no gaming it, no thinking required – if anything over thinking it would make me nervous and possibly not relaxed enough to do the task. I prepared my mind to shut off and told myself to just do it. Thankfully I did and proceeded to make my way through all the
obstacles with a time good enough to win the event.

I needed that! A first place finish moved me into 5th place and with that day two was over.


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August 24, 2017 at 8:00 pm

You’re absolutely amazing and beautiful. You’re an inspiration to everyone!

Thank you for being you!!


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