August 25, 2017

Day 3 of the CrossFit Games 2017

As I sit here writing this journal entry two weeks after day three of the CrossFit Games, I think back to the morning of that day. We had to be there at 8:00 AM. The first event for the day, the Double Under Snatch, started at 9:45 AM. I knew that this workout was in everyone's wheelhouse, so speed and perfection would be required.

We were able to warm up a bit before the event began. After watching the other divisions compete I realized I had to learn right now how to transfer the 35-pound dumbbell from one hand to the next with fluid and precision each time. Up until this point, I would snatch the weight and switch hands when the weight was on the floor. That wasted precious seconds. It’s amazing how you can figure things out when you have to and you just trust your body to do it.
They lined us up, and I must admit it felt good to no longer be in one of the last lanes. We ran out to our lanes and waited for the 10-second call. The count down began, 3-2- 1 and off we went to our ropes.

My first round was flawless, but I got tripped up on the double under in round two because I kept catching my rope on my timing chip. The times were close with first place at 4:28 and I crossed the line at 4:33. With this, the leaderboard got a pretty good shake up, and I was delighted to see that I moved up a bit. Time to refuel, rest and be ready for event two. The next event was six minutes to set a two-rep max front squat. I had placed first in the max rep thruster in 2015 and second in the max clean in 2016. I was not really concerned about not placing well in this event, I also knew it would favor the bigger athletes in my field and again probably shake up the leaderboard. Ultimately this would continue to help me move up as long as I did my part. I was excited to begin.

My max one rep front squat was 195 pounds. I warmed up really well and hit the 195 pounds for two before checking in for the event. The plan was to declare 195 pounds as my opening weight hit it for two reps and then add five pounds to each side for a total of 205 pounds. All went as planned. I hit my opening weight of 195 pounds for two reps. Added more weight and waited a minute then went for it – I got rep one and could not stand up rep two. I dropped the weight; quickly stripped the bar to 135 pounds cleaned and re-racked it. I decided to try 200 pounds but again could not stand up my second rep. I ended placing seventh. My thoughts had been correct and the leaderboard got another fun shake up. I was in fourth place at this point and was happy that I got a PR!

The third and final event of the day was the Vest Triplet. We had had our vest fitted the day before and that was it – no testing except for a burpee to make sure the vest didn't hit you in the face, and an air squat to make sure the vest didn't cut into your thighs at the bottom of your squat. The vests weighed 15 pounds and resemble the type our U.S. troops wear. The Vest Triplet event was three rounds of the following:

Run 400 meters
24 Air squats
12 Burpee Box Jump Overs at 30"

We were allowed to use our hands on the burpee box jump overs then flip boxes forward. My biggest concern in this event is, as you know from previous posts, running is not something I am really good at. To make it worse, I knew my competition was stiff, and I needed to beat Josee Sarda, Marion Valkenburg and Cindy Kelly if I wanted to move up into the top three. We lined up and were loaded into our vests. From there we went with athlete control so they could check our vest and make sure no one had "tampered" with it. Finally, I was on the field by my pylon. I did not know where I was running, I just knew to follow the white indicators and athlete control will direct you. The call for 10 seconds came, 3-2- 1 and off we ran. I made sure that I kept up with Sarda when I could see her. I knew after the second round I was ahead of Kelly and just had to catch Valkenburg. On the last round someone somewhere on that 400-meter course said "Kick it up a notch! Don't hold back!". I needed to hear this. I passed Valkenburg and ran to my air squats, the burpee jump overs were a blur, and I beat Kelly and Valkenburg by only 19 seconds. That was the difference between eighth and 10th place. I held on and finished the day in second place by two points!

Right after the Vest Triplett we had the briefing for the final event day. We would be doing a couplet:

21-15- 9
Deadlifts at 155 pounds
Handstand pushups
Two-minute rest

Final Couplet
Six Rope Climbs
30 Thrusters at 80lbs

With that information, it was time to head back, eat, and rest up.

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